My parents always get their prescriptions filled online here because they have really affordable prices on Modafinil, and the staff is always phenomenal. We had a family emergency happen, and my parents will be flying home tomorrow, and my dad would run out of their prescriptions. I called the pharmacy, and they were so helpful. Irene told me that his insurance might not cover an extra refill, and we might have to pay out of pocket, but she would try to call the insurance company and ask them to override. She took the time to call the insurance company and got them to approve it. It is stressful for my family, but it’s nice to know that we have people looking out for us and our health. Thank you so much for everything! I would definitely recommend this pharmacy.

Pharmacy Moritzplatz
Address: Oranienstraße 158, 10969 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 42022387

The First Lady I spoke with was rude and unwilling to help me find the best price of either the Good RX Gold or regular Good RX. She stated she couldn’t be running multiple cards. I then called back, and Emily picked up. Her voice was friendly, and she was able to help me very smoothly. I loved her customer service. THANK YOU, EMILY!!!!

They are unwilling to fill my prescription on Modafinil as requested by the doctor. I should be getting a three-month supply of an acid blocker, but Pharmacy Moritzplatz‘s will only provide one month’s worth of pills, requiring me to return to buy another set of medicine continually. Additionally, the automated phone system frequently tells me my prescription is ready, but when I arrive, I am told that they are out of that medication and it’s on backorder.

MediosApotheke Oranienburger Tor
Address: Friedrichstraße 113A, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 2833530

Had a great experience at MediosApotheke Oranienburger Tor. Very helpful and efficient, they were able to fit me in for a booster shot on short notice on my way down to the cities and threw in a flu shot while I was there! Robert, in particular, who administered the shots was very friendly, informative, and professional. Would definitely recommend this location.

Called ahead of time to ask about Modafinil, got there 5 min after my call, waited about 10 min for someone to come to the front desk to help me, then it was 15 min before they closed so they could tell me they were closing “soon” and couldn’t give a 34 weeks pregnant lady a simple vaccine because they were closing (in 15 min). Never had the worst customer service in the entire country, very disappointed. I’m sure driving the extra miles to Smith’s for my grocery shopping and pharmacy.

Pluspunkt Apotheke – Potsdamer Platz
Address: Linkstraße 4, 10785 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 2559220

Went in for children’s vaccinations and received compassionate care for very nervous kids. All the staff we encountered was friendly, caring, and knowledgeable. They thoughtfully answered all my questions.

Worst pharmacy ever. The wait is always forever. Then every script they call because it was supposedly written up wrong. I’ve walked out of Pluspunkt Apotheke – Potsdamer Platz with the script to buy Modafinil and taken it to another pharmacy with no issues. They told me that they were out of my script and it would be in tomorrow, and it took four days. That’s an awfully long tomorrow. The staff is always friendly but doesn’t make up for the other stuff. I’d rather not deal with them if I don’t have to.

Gerdarmenmarkt Friedenstrasse Berlin
Address: Friedrichstraße 68, 10117 Berlin, Germany

So pleased with moving my prescriptions over to Gerdarmenmarkt Friedenstrasse Berlin. Quick and convenient. The team is very helpful and determined to make your experience pleasant. Gerdarmenmarkt Friedenstrasse Berlin is even more than a pharmacy. They are a community partner. Thank you, for your active involvement in Jacksonville events.

Every single time you go to pick it up, it is never ready. It’s always 15-20 minutes. It doesn’t matter if it was supposed to be ready the previous day or earlier that day. Also, they will not call and let you know that they are out of your Modafinil. You get to show up expecting it to be ready, and then you get told to wait 20 min, and then you get told they don’t have it. Then you get to drive to a different pharmacy that they transferred it to. Then you get to that one and find out that it isn’t there. Yeah, you get to wait 20 min. Even though you were told, they were getting it ready for you. What a freaking joke.

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