Ten Stars for this online pharmacy. This family-owned establishment gives you the feeling of small-town charm. Upon entering, you are always greeted with a warm welcome by all employees and asked how they may be of help. When I found out they were offering Kamagra, I was told it would take a few weeks before they would receive shipments. However, I was assured they would definitely be getting it. The wait time was about four weeks, and I was very excited to receive a call from owner MaryJo to schedule an appointment. MaryJo and her husband Frank, also known as the pharmacist, are doing a super job and are very knowledgeable. In addition, the pharmacy has many items which you can order online and might not find elsewhere, and the boutique has new trends in clothing and jewelry for both men and women. Gift items are also among some of the Beautiful designs you may see upon entering. I hope you all visit and find the same warmth and kindness I did by EVERYONE. (MaryJo is the BEST!)

pharmacy Hackesches Quartier
Address: Henriette-Herz-Platz 3, 10178 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 33026156
Website: https://www.apotheke-hackesches-quartier.de/

I drove very far to take my boys to get established with Dr. Siddiqui and got turned away because my son has had a cough for over seven days!!!! This is my first time going to a doctor that does not see sick patients. The point of the visit was to get a new pediatrician I could use for common colds and sick visits only to get turned down by his nurse. The best part is I was early, so she said if you hurry, you can go to your car, sign up for Kelsy care and see Dr. Siddiqui via video. I said, can you please sign me up and shocker, she said, no, call customer service. Horrible experience, and sadly my insurance is forcing me to use Kelsey care.

I have always loved pharmacy Hackesches Quartier, and the pharmacist has always been helping in asking about diff medicine for ED than Kamagra, but I really wish the staff that answers the phone if you have a question or to see if a med has been filled could be trained. There is mostly one, and maybe out of your staff that has been rude several times and even to the point, I asked to speak to a diff person with one of the females. If they don’t like their position, they need to leave because I can’t tell you how important attitudes matter in keeping the people there. Thank you for all you do and your help in this matter.

Apotheke Am Koppenplatz
Address: Koppenpl. 13-14, 10115 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 28598313
Website: http://www.apotheke-am-koppenplatz.de/

I’ve worked with Apotheke Am Koppenplatz as a medical assistant calling in Rxs all the time, and they are the best pharmacy to work with. (And I call a lot of pharmacies and speak with many pharmacists.) They are genuine, very friendly, willing to help and answer questions. They go above and beyond for patients & customers. Too bad other pharmacies are too busy, stressed, or commercialized to provide the same quality of service Apotheke Am Koppenplatz does as a smaller compounding pharmacy, yet the pharmacy serves a big population! 🙂

Worst waiting experience. Not coming back. Anytime you come here, it’s 30-60 minutes waiting with several times reminders. They have this common dialogue,” please wait 30 minutes.” If you go back to check, they will again say, “they are working on it, please, wait 30 minutes!!!” It’s just one Kamagra pill, how hard could it be? One reason I gave them 1 star – they have improved seating limits. It was 2 in the past on the old location. Now they have five seats for waiting patients. And about the phone calls: don’t even think about it. It will take you to the end of the world, but you won’t be answered!!!

Apotheke Berlin Hauptbahnhof
Address: Europaplatz 1, 10557 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 20614190
Website: https://www.einkaufsbahnhof.de/

This Apotheke Berlin Hauptbahnhof has an interactive drive through which makes it really convenient. The staff is awesome. They have an intern. I believe her name is Ashley she rocks. She’s very informative knows what she’s talking about in fact, most of the staff there have been Pleasant and accommodating with the exception of one staff member, and I won’t list her name, but she needed an attitude adjustment. Perhaps it was just a bad day, but it definitely came off as snooty!

Helpful, friendly staff. Pharmacists were very informative and knowledgeable. They gave me advice on how to take Kamagra that I had not used before and suggested I talk to my doctor about getting a vaccination that I could get for free at their store.

Leipziger Apotheke
Address: Leipziger Str. 43, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 2043031
Website: https://www.leipziger-apotheke.de/

Leipziger Apotheke goes the extra mile. If they don’t have an over-the-counter medication you need, they will order it. Like Kamagra for ED. The pharmacists truly care. Once when the doctor ordered a prescription late in the day, they stayed and filled it for me after hours.

It’s my fault for continuing to try to make this pharmacy work. It’s convenient to go somewhere that you also grocery shop, but DO NOT GO HERE!!! Just today, a doctor called in 3 prescriptions for my husband, who has the flu, and 2 for me. From the time I left the doctor till I got there, almost 2 hours passed. Once I arrived, they said they didn’t fill the prescriptions because my husband has never had a prescription sent there, ok? But they also didn’t fill mine. I’ve given them our insurance cards (we were just there three weeks ago-reuse me they have it) they said perfect it’ll be ready in 30 minutes. Sadly, my toddler was not having that around dinner time. So I left (they didn’t know this). My flu-ridden husband went back 4 hours later, and they said, we don’t have any prescriptions for you, sir, and we didn’t fill your wife yet because we don’t have her insurance info FOUR HOURS LATER and you still haven’t filled it?! Also, when I was there earlier, they literally said they had my husband’s scripts. So he had to wait 45 minutes to get my stuff filled, but he walked away without his. He said another woman was there that said she had been waiting over 2 hours after the told her 30 minutes. Not sure where we are going next, but it’s not here.

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