Jordan and his staff are all so dedicated to helping the community. I remember as a kid (about 100 yrs ago, it seems) there was a small pharmacy in downtown Snowflake. It was personable and friendly, and I’d be in awe of all the stuff that was sold there whenever my father would take me into the store. Now, at this pharmacy, the hometown personal touch is back, alive and kicking. It’s such a good feeling when you walk inside and see the CARE they give and the CONCERN they have for their patients. Jordan and Bonnie are pillars of the Snowflake community. They support local businesses and are making strides in building a loyal following. You should try them out the next time you have a prescription and compare them to the chain stores. I’m betting on the personal and competent assistance you get from this pharmacy. Their prices are fair too, I’ve ordered Ivermectin online and it was cheaper than in CVS or Walmart. You’ll never want to go back to being just another number. At another chain pharmacy last month, while waiting to talk to the pharmacist, I heard, “… serving B124… B124”. The ticket in my hand was B133.

Pharmacy at Mehringplatz
Address: Mehringpl. 12, 10969 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 2511027

Really sad that the lady who called me “handsome” every time I checked out with her doesn’t work there anymore. Other employees are good too, but she was a treasure. So you lose a star. I have no complaints about the store. It’s an above-average pharmacy.

I hate this Pharmacy at Mehringplatz. My husband mainly uses this pharmacy and honestly is thinking about switching it. Every time we go to pick up Ivermectin or any kind of medication here, for my husband, we always get checked out by the same employee (Patsy) (and yep, I’ll call her name out on here). She is so disrespectful. It’s really uncalled for… my husband has health issues that obvisiouly this woman does not comprehend, and she apparently doesn’t have any consideration for anyone but herself. This employee does nothing but makes some rude a** faces and 100 % acts as she would instead check out anyone else but my husband or me. She looks at you with disgust on her face like she is God’s gift to the world. Haha. Every time that we get her and finally get up to check out and if someone else is waiting behind us, we get up to the counter, and she will always let the person behind us check out instead of us when we were the next ones to check out and already up there. She is a bitter old bitty.

Aschenbachs Apotheke am Bahnhof Friedrichstraße
Address: Georgenstraße 25, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 20455100

I would recommend Aschenbachs Apotheke am Bahnhof Friedrichstraße to anyone. People saying the bud is dry are slow. What do they expect? It’s mountain weed. It’s called value. You’re getting more for your money because you’re not paying for extra water weight. Experienced smokers know what to look for.

They are so slow, rude, constantly losing prescriptions! I highly recommend NOT using them. Most recent experience; drove up to the drive-through to get only one medication – Ivermectin… waited 5 minutes. Was NEVER seen/spoken with. I could see in the window there were at least two people working and one person at the pharmacy counter. An acknowledgment would have been really nice. Even if it was to say, well be with you in a moment, I got nothing and ended up driving off! Another time I dropped an RX on a Tuesday went back on Thursday, and they lost it. How does a pharmacy lose a patient’s script? Then I asked who you dropped it off with a point to the young lady I dropped it off with, and she proceeded to yell from behind the counter that I didn’t work that day! Low and behold, she did work that day, took my prescription placed it in some basket where it was magically lost.

Axels Apotheke
Address: Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 8, 10969 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 25767820

I haven’t received a prescription here yet. I was calling all around looking for Ivermectin, which sadly was out of stock here as well. I am giving Axels Apotheke five stars because this was the only branch (out of the 11 pharmacies I had previously called) that even offered to check to see if any nearby stores had it in stock. I think his name was Alex, but regardless he saved me from having to call every surrounding location and was more pleasant and helpful.

Let me start by saying that my husband just died a month ago. I had an appt with Dr. Murdock to see her for the first time. I went in, and she walked in with a medical student and proceeded to tell me that the student would be talking with me first instead of asking me if I was comfortable with it. I explained to the student that my husband had just died and that I had gotten so upset in the recent days that I had to go to the ER because I was literally shaking and couldn’t calm down because I was so stricken with grief. She left and got dr. Murdock. I asked her for a week to ten-day supply AT MOST of Ativan to help me get through the initial stages of losing my husband, strictly to take only when I become so distraught that I can’t calm down. She told me no and said that it doesn’t help in the grieving process. I was only asking for a small supply… my husband just died! She ended up giving me something else that hasn’t worked in the past for me… a decade ago. I wasn’t about to argue with her – total lack of compassion. I could be dying, and I will never go back to see her again.

Pharmacie Neptun
Address: S-Bahnhof Alexanderplatz, Dircksenstr. 2, 10179 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 24085443

We moved away to Irmo 8 years ago, and John suggested I use Pharmacie Neptun. Well, let me tell you, I had much better service in Prosperity! They always notified me when I needed a new prescription and even offered to call my physician for a new one. Pharmacie Neptun just “doesn’t have time for that” Also, Prosperity Drug has longer hours, making it more accessible if you are running late. Keep up the good work, John, and your wonderful staff. I may be back! Happy New Year!

Tonight, 6-15-2020, I had a horrible experience with a male pharmacist who gave me incorrect information and would not believe me. I was given an Rx for Ivermectin. I asked how these were different from Ivermectin twice daily over the counter, which I had previously bought at this Pharmacie Neptun. He kept saying it was only a prescription. I said that was no longer true, and I had bought it over the counter. He said that was impossible. He had seven years as a pharmacist and knew what he was talking about. He kept saying the Ivermectin was Rx only and that my insurance would not pay for it. I bought the substitute Rx he sold me. When I got home, I looked at the box I had purchased over the counter at this Pharmacie Neptun, and it does say “now available without a prescription” in the blue space at the top of the box. I tried to call him as it was close to 8 pm and the pharmacy was closing. I was on hold for several minutes. He answered, and when I said ‘hello,’ he said, ‘wait another minute, and then he hung up on me. It was after 8 pm, and the pharmacy was closed by that time. This was a frustrating and irritating experience, and he needs to be educated.

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